Servo Motor Repair

Industrial Servo Motor Repair

Servo Motor Repair isn’t simply like any other type of motor repair. That’s because servos demand special expertise from well-trained technicians, using expensive and highly dynamic testing equipment built specifically for servos. And it also requires a depth of experience that only comes from providing years of outstanding servo motor repair service.

Servo Motor Brands We Repair

  • Motor Systems is the country’s only Factory Authorized Repair Center for the entire Kollmorgen XT Servo Motor line.
  • We also are the Factor Authorized Repair Center for these Kollmorgen legacy servo drive brands:
  • Pacific Scientific, Kollmorgen, Superior Electric, IDC, API and TAE servo drives

  • What brand of servo motor do you need repaired? We have had repair experience with 100 different servo motor brands. Chances are that yours is also on this list.
  • To Request a Repair or Ask a Question

  • Call Us: Monday–Friday, 8am – 5pm EST
  • Toll-free l: 1-877-374-2910
  • Local Calls: 513-576-1915
  • Calls After 5:00 pm EST: Leave a message on our local or toll-free numbers and your call will be returned the following morning
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  • Contact Motor Systems Online by completing our Request Form
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    Our Repair Process

  • We ask customers to contact us before they ship their servo equipment to our repair center. A direct conversation will help us better assess your situation so that the most effective course of action can be determined. In the end, this approach will also help save you precious time and money.
  • If a repair is deemed necessary, we will provide you with a Material Return Authorization (MRA) number that you will send along with your servo to our repair center.
  • Once your servo drive or servo motor arrives, we will run a series of diagnostic tests. At that point we will provide you with a detailed test analysis, along with a full description of our prescribed repair and its cost.
  • Be assured that no repair work will commence until we receive your approval to move forward. Expect that the entire process will take 10 business days or less to complete, from the time we receive your servo until it is expertly repaired and shipped back to you.
  • Our Pricing

  • Motor Systems will test and evaluate at no charge any servo drive or servo motor that we ultimately repair.
  • A checkout fee will be assessed only if we determine the servo doesn’t require a repair, or should the equipment owner elect not to have the prescribed repair completed.
  • Unlike other servo repair shops, Motor Systems does not use a pricing list that groups together a pre-set suite of repairs for one cost. We save our customers money by only charging for the specific repair that was required, not for a group of repairs of which some may not have been necessary.
  • Want to know the cost of a specific repair? Contact us and we will provide you with an estimate.
  • The Repair Vs. Recondition Decision

  • Repair Is Our First Priority: The key goal behind every repair at Motor Systems is to return your equipment to its original factory specifications. To that end, we will use our extensive parts inventory and supplier networks to obtain those components necessary to get your servo drive and servo motor back up and running.
  • Recondition as the Next Option: Should the condition of your servo equipment prove to be unrepairable, chances are that Motor Systems will have a refurbished unit in stock that will serve as a perfect replacement.
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