Superior Electric Stepper Drives
In 2001, Danaher Motion officially named Motor Systems Inc. as the official national support and repair center for all legacy and obsolete Superior Stepper Drives. In the time since, we have become the recognized expert in helping clients extend the functional lifespan of their existing Superior Electric products.

The Motor Systems Inc. Advantage

What does that mean in terms of the service your receive on your Superior Electric Stepper Drives? For one, it ensures that your legacy product will continue to get the same level of expert service and support as it did when it was originally manufactured. We provide board and component repair and full functional testing on Superior Electric Stepper Drives. Motor Systems Inc. maintains all the original test fixtures, documentation, and parts inventory necessary to repair your motors and drives quickly and accurately.

Our factory-trained repair technicians have the necessary expertise that will be required to deliver you a high-quality repair the first time, and every time.

Superior Electric Factory Test Fixtures

Superior Electric Factory Test Fixtures


Superior Electric Models We Repair

Motor Systems Inc. supports all Superior Electric brands. Below is a list of the most popular models. Don’t see your model? Contact Us!

Superior Electric 6180-PT10
Superior Electric 6180-PT125
Superior Electric 230-EIH Superior Electric 6180-PTO
Superior Electric 230-EPI Superior Electric 6180-PTO10
Superior Electric 230-PT
Superior Electric 230-PTO
Superior Electric 230-PTX
Superior Electric 3180-102
Superior Electric 3180-EPI Superior Electric DRD-001
Superior Electric 3180-PT Superior Electric DRF-003
Superior Electric 3180-PTO
Superior Electric 430-LIH
Superior Electric 430-LPI Superior Electric PDM-502
Superior Electric 430-P Superior Electric  PDT-500
Superior Electric 430-PI Superior Electric  PDT-500
Superior Electric 430-PT
Superior Electric 430-PTO
Superior Electric 430-PTX
Superior Electric 430-T
Superior Electric 430-TH Superior Electric  SP155
Superior Electric 430-TOH Superior Electric  SP255
Superior Electric 440-EIH Superior Electric  SS2000D3
Superior Electric 440-PTO Superior Electric  SS2000D3i
Superior Electric 440-PTO Superior Electric  SS2000D6
Superior Electric 440-TH10E Superior Electric  SS2000D12
Superior Electric 440-TH125 Superior Electric  SS2000 OF
Superior Electric 440-TH125E Superior Electric  SS2000PCI
Superior Electric 6180-EPI Superior Electric  SS2000D6i
Superior Electric 6180-EPI-V Superior Electric  SS2000MD4
Superior Electric 6180-PI10 Superior Electric  SS2000MD7
Superior Electric 6180-PI125
Superior Electric 6180-PT

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