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By allowing your Kollmorgen Legacy Products to be repaired by Motor Systems Inc., you will have placed your trust in the very same company appointed by Kollmorgen as it’s ONLY authorized repair center. We are also the authorized repair and support center for the Kollmorgen XT Servo Motor Line, and can all offer repair on all other Kollmorgen motor models.

In other words, we know Kollmorgen Servo Motors and Drives like no one else, and we’re authorized to say so!

The Motor Systems Inc. Service Advantage

What does that mean in terms of the service you receive on your Kollmorgen Servo Motors and Drives? As the factory repair center, we have the original test fixtures, documentation, and parts inventory necessary to repair your motor and drive quickly and accurately. Unlike many other repair companies, we handle all of our repairs in-house, allowing for rapid turnaround times and optimum quality control.

Our repair techs have also been factory trained, allowing us to provide you with product knowledge and repair expertise that comes directly from Kollmorgen.

We provide P.C. board component level repair, preventative maintenance and full-function testing. Despite what you may have heard, we are the only Kollmorgen repair center that can honestly make this claim.

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