Motor Systems Inc. recently moved into a new state-of-the-art repair facility that honestly, we’re pretty proud of. With 25,000 square feet of additional space than our previous repair center, we’ve been able to expand our services in a number of ways to serve our customers even more than before.

More Test Fixtures

Before a repaired Servo and Stepper Drive is returned to a customer, Motor Systems Inc. first tests the unit to ensure that it’s performance has been restored to the original specifications dictated by its manufacturer. The only proper way to confirm this has been achieved is by placing the motor components through a rigorous “closed loop” test. This is a critical step in the repair process. Not only does it require the use of expensive test stand fixtures, but also properly trained technicians to handle the exacting work required during the testing procedures.

Given the technical expertise and equipment required by the “closed loop” test, it is not a surprise why many self-proclaimed “servo repair experts” choose to skip this step in their repair service.

Additional Service Techs

We believe that Motor Systems service technicians are the best in the business, and they prove it every day as the factory-authorized repair experts for Danaher/Kollmorgen. Our people have undergone extensive in-factory training that provides them with the same degree of familiarity with the OEMs products as the manufacturer themselves. In addition, the sheer number of servo motors and drives that Motor Systems Inc. handles on a daily basis provides ample opportunity to obtain intimate knowledge of many servo motor and drive on the market.

Larger Inventories of Parts and Recondition Stock

Our goal at Motor Systems Inc. is to get your servo motor or drive repair handled quickly, so that you’re able to get up and running again with the least amount of down time. We are able to ensure speedier service by stocking a sizeable in-house inventory of servo motor parts, circuit boards, and recondition stock. You won’t have to endure long waits that hard-to-find parts can create. Our complete parts and recondition stock inventory is ready when you need it.