Dirty Fan

Don’t Let The Heat Be On You!

It’s all about keeping cool once the heat of summer arrives…and that goes doubly true for the fans that keep your servo drive cooling fans running smoothly.

It’s not unusual during this season for Motor Systems Inc. to see an increase in drives that have failed due to a defective cooling fan. Higher ambient temperatures within your plant, coupled with an already aged fan, can present a perfect opportunity for breakdown. Once the drive quits, that’s when things really start getting hot!

To prevent a costly servo drive repair, we highly recommend you inspect your servo drives periodically to make sure their cooling fans are working properly. If your equipment operates in a dirty work environment, we suggest checking your cooling fans and filter even more frequently in order to avoid premature drive failures.

Clean Fan in Proper Working OrderContaminated Fan Spells Looming Disaster

Know These Signs Of Bad Servo Drive Cooling Fans

Be on the lookout for some of these most common symptoms of fan failure: unfamiliar noises, visual buildup of contamination, lack of rotation, or drive trip on over temp.

Have A Bad Fan?

For optimum fan performance, it is vital that you replace a non-working fan with one meeting the precise specifications outlined by the original drive manufacturer. Drives are designed with exact requirements for internal cooling. An incorrectly sized fan will not adequately cool the drive, which could lead to component failures due to excessive heat. We have all the documentation and parts inventory to make the needed repairs to your drive.

Motor Systems Inc. can provide preventive maintenance on your servo drive by replacing cooling fans, electrolytic capacitors and batteries, thereby helping to prolong the life of your drive.