B and R LogoMotor Systems Inc. is a Center of Excellence for B&R Repair.  Our team offers full repair services on B&R drives and motors. We also offer reconditioned units.  MSI has an extensive quantity of electronic components and replacement boards in stock and our technical staff has the ability to repair PC boards to component level. Our staff of engineers have been trained at B&R to program and run the B&R systems to ensure proper performance prior to being returned to service.


All products we repair are fully tested and burned in utilizing specialized test fixtures which test all functions and capabilities.  When MSI performs a repair you can be confident that the unit will be able to be returned to service without complications.



Drive model numbers:

8V1010.001-2 8V1045.00-2
8V1010.00-2 8V1090.001-2
8V1010.501-2 8V1090.00-2
8V1010.50-2 8V1180.001-2
8V1016.001-2 8V1180.00-2
8V1016.00-2 8V128M.001-2
8V1016.501-2 8V128M.00-2
8V1016.50-2 8V1320.001-2
8V1022.001-2 8V1320.00-2
8V1022.00-2 8V1640.001-2
8V1045.001-2 8V1640.00-2