Pacific Scientific PC833-001-N Servo Drive

The PC800 Series are the next generation of Pacific Scientific’s all-digital brushless servo drives. They provide a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to previous generation drives in a package 40% smaller than equivalent older servos. The PC800 uses 240 VAC input power. These drives use a single DSP to close the current, velocity, and position loops. All system and application parameters are set in software to insure repeatability and eliminate drift. The PC800 Family is available in multiple power levels, all with integral power supplies. The drives comply with the CE low-voltage directive without requiring additional isolation. Like all Pacific Scientific drives, the PC800 Series can accept either step and direction or analog commands. Motion profiling is standard – the PC800 Series’ internal profile generator allows pre-set index moves. The PC800 Series features Pacific Scientific’s patented, 24-bit DRDC (Digital Resolver to Digital Conversion) algorithm to provide the smoothest low-speed performance in its class and position accuracy as low as five arc seconds. And, its 400 Hz velocity-loop bandwidth is the highest in the industry. These features bring you the utmost in simplified drive set-up and tuning for complicated mechanical systems. Advanced tuning also allows systems to settle quickly.

PC830 Manual


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